Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Motivator

THE ACTUAL MAJOR REASON OF me finally deciding to update my blog was becaus of another BFF of mine... KIRANJEET KAUR SANGAY!!! hu is always always pestering me to update... so thanks to her constant "encouragement" n "motivation" - i FINALLY UPDATED!!! yay... 

so kiranjeeeett...  say "yay jemimah... u finally updated!!" 


(u n me + 1/2 nic)

hugs baby jeet!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 lyfe...

It’s actually March 2009 already!!! I can’t believe how fast time flies. I remember one of my friends saying – time doesn’t fly, it runs like water!! N I think that’s so very true! Everything has been happening so fast! Sometimes I wish I could slow down time… to stop and take a breath of the air around me… to freeze a moment and pray it lasts forever… but I guess that’s a dream almost impossible! There has been so much of change in my life this year.. n neh, I don’t want to complain about it… but how I wish this changes hadn’t happened! The biggest change came in the form of my dad being moved to KL.. yea... well… there are a few things to this transfer, like it was bound to happen anyway and it was just a matter of time to when exactly… but somehow – this transfer, to leave Penang – was emotionally killing….it was hard to let everything go – My high school buddies, my hangout places with my buddies, my church frens, the ministries of my church, the food, the beach… Penang meant so much to me…  everything just did… deep down in my heart letting go of Penang has been harder than anything I remember doing… yea.. there definitely was everyone telling me – “hey, it’s goina be okay”.. “dunt worry, ul get adjusted to the new place soon”… “u’l find new frens”.. “I know its hard, it always is-it was the same when u were moving frm klang to penang too”… n the list of ‘so – called – advice” just went on…. All I could do was just smile n say yea….

 To be honest, moving from klang to penang was hard too.. it was pretty much heart breaking… back then I was superbly involved in school, first class student, to be the queens of primary school in the following year and stuff like that… that was when I was in Std. 5 moving up to Std.6 ….and the move came just b4 std.6… man, I was shattered at the fact I had to let everything go…. n I knew my mum and dad were worried bout my exams- sitting for my first major gov exam n all… when I entered MGS Penang – I felt hopeless, helpless, miserable…n I hated it… I was a new kid in school and was placed in a not-so-nice class... but… somehow.. I managed that year well…. I did well n moved back into a new class for Form 1….  Again the new kid, I had to find new frens again… but this time wasn’t all that bad.. despite taking a few months to get settled… I finally did! n at the end of 2003 – it was the beginning of my frenship with my BFF-sneha! Days n months passed on and my circle of frens grew… I LOVED SCHOOL!! Every single  part of it… going thru 2 Biru, 3 Biru – the formation of the Magnificent Six… then came the splitting of classes when some of us chose different streams.. but even at those times.. nothing hindered our friendships.. I remember it was at that time I had a pack with another bff of mine to msg her every single day. Simply to stay in touch because of the class difference.. and I proudly can say – we made thru a year plus!!! honeymoon year??? Hell, yea…. It was a BLAST!! EST classes of throwing paper around… physics classes  to sleep… add maths and maths classes to talk…. English class to come in late! Man.. that year – 2006, was amazing…. Then came 2007… ooo… SPM!!! Hahaha… yea… exams aside.. it was fantabulous too.. and somehow that year I felt God’s faithfulness in my lyfe... Leaving my senior year back in primary school was made up in High School.. from bullying juniors… to being the bosses of the different societies n clubs… my form 5 year was one the best years of my life…. The year passed by with a blink of an eye… Leaving school was next in line… the comfort of being safe, being around ppl I grew up with was hard… but I knew life went on… the separation from my high school buddies was no doubt hard, but at the same time I wanted to know wat was goina happen next… and then….

2008 came..  the year where so many remarkable things happened in my life…. I cant sum up everything here… but I wanna mention the best – the things that were so crucial in my life!

After school, I was due to attend National Service in March…. That meant I had three months to be free! Not exactly free, but a break after 11 years of schooling… I dint noe wat exactly I wanted to do as yet… so in the meantime I went to work part time… I took up a job in Secret Recipe…n needless to say, those months there was great…I learnt so much during my time there… I met some really wonderful ppl…Kat, Kavina,Gracie, Ct, Kiran… wel, I dint get to work with them all the time – but the times with these ppl was just wonderful! I would say again n again again… it was irreplaceable!!...

then, again there was the separation with my new buddies from secret recipe when I had to move on into NS! NS was no walk in the park… it was tough I remember.. sad times, teary times, challenging times… it was all there… but I guess the good times covered the bad n when u ask me now, “hw was NS??” my answer would be – IT WAS SIMPLY GREAT! Hahaha… ns was good… n those hu get the opportunity to go – shud take it and have a chance of their lifetime!

3 months later was another separation – the separation from my NS frens…. N this separation somehow was different.. most of the ppl I met there are no longer in contact… maybe only with a forwarded msg, a nudge on msn or a poke on facebook… the closeness v used to share for three months aint there any more… as I wonder about this, I realize what Kat used to say was ryte – “Some ppl are just meant to be hi-bye frens”… n yea… I argued a whole nyte bout it with her back when she told me.. but… to think of it now.. that line somehow has been true…

A few weeks after NS I came into a place, entered a place, made frens and at least knew this time around these ppl I met were goina be with me for the next 6 years… n yea… they’re really nice ppl and im really glad to be with them… I am still with them… so… hahah… I dunt really haf much to say  bout that…

Well.. I haven’t come to the end of this post but… it’s a bit too long to continue.. n I bet ur bored reading bout all this already.. its actually meant to be bout changes… but I ended up highlighting al the separations I went thru… nvm.. its stil linked! hahaha..

the second part of this post is a special dedication – the hardest part of leaving in 2008! 


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Comeback (hopefully)

After nearly 5 months of being LAZY, "BUSY"... n bla bla... hahah.. i finally 
agreed to my dear fren, El's suggestion that i 
should start to blog again...
well there's been soooo sooo much that has hapened 
since Novemebr 1st 2008... n i hAve absolutely  
NOOOO idea
where to begin.... i decided to pen it al down..
but not at one go for sure... slowly but surely! hahaha...
so here's to my first blog after my "break"! i'l be back!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy birthday dear bestie...


k.. i really wanted to upload the video i made 4 ya... but cant.. dunt noe y....

so i just wanna wish u a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

may god's blessing be upon u! love ya loads!
-jumjum- =)

Friday, September 26, 2008




Saturday, September 20, 2008


hey u... JELLY BEANY...=)

i know u will be reading this...

so here's a lil smtg bout us together...

class trip 04 (Jusco Ipoh)

this was form 3... a famous pic...

Orchestra Nite '05
(start of smtg : PWINCEZ)
Form 4

Form 4 tooo...

when we decided we were twins...

only that i kena the coffee or smtg like that...


its a little something just to wish u a VERY VERY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!!!

may our frenship continue to blossom as the years go by... everyday i wake up.. n thank God i

have a fren named JELISSA.... a gurl who i know will be there for me thru it all...

those were some pics of us together... during the best times of our lives -

1, 2 & 3 BIRU + 4 & 5 Science 1 =MGS!

sharing my joys
my fears..
my tears...
my worries....
n my happiest moments..
thanks for simply being YOU!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My SECOND post.... =)

Hahahaha… well… its been over 2 months since my FirST post… ahahhaha… didn’t want it to be the last… im so not good at this… that’s for certain… ‘start of something new’ actually just remained as it was… hahaha… neway… my campus over here has a very very very pathetic internet connection… its WiFi is totally bad…. So I kinda find it really hard to go online and update my blog. Just if you all wanna noe… I’m in a place call Ulu Kinta… it’s the ulu’est of all ulu places.. it’s a jungle by itself… but I’m still surviving… yeah!!! Hahaha… there’s a Giant here… n that’s about all… I mean Ipoh town is so so far away… then again ipoh itself its not half has nice as penang.. =) ahahhaa… I shud stop condemning the place im gona live in for the nest 2 years!! neway… I think I haf finally got a little settled down with the routine here… its almost similar as if I was in school again… except this time round, I get to wear outside clothes, only FORMAL ones btw… n of coz I get to take my hand phone to class…. Other than that, everything is just like school… hehhee… its not really that bad come to think of it la… I shud seriously stop complaining… but that’s not goina change the fact that I miss Penang so so much… miss my buddies… my family…. Its like suddenly being thrown out of my comfort zone to survive on my own…..all in all its okay I guess… till the next post…. Hahhaa.. even though its an awfully short post… at least I finally updated kan????!